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Scholastic Book Clubs and Scholastic Book Fairs have merged into what is now known as Scholastic Reading Events creating an exciting destination for teachers and families.

In the rebranding of the new Book Clubs, I played a pivotal role in crafting a fresh, bold look by designing and prototyping various elements, including a sleek sign-in page, enticing promotional rewards pages and banners, and eye-catching email campaigns and social media posts. These efforts were instrumental in creating a compelling and visually cohesive identity for the revitalized Book Clubs, driving user engagement and excitement around the initiative.

Designing emails for Scholastic Book Clubs was an enjoyable and creative process that involved crafting visually appealing, child-friendly layouts. Each email had to strike a balance between showcasing the latest book offerings and educational resources while maintaining a vibrant and approachable design. Maintaining consistency in branding and ensuring that the emails were responsive and easily accessible across various devices were crucial aspects of my role in delivering engaging content to Scholastic’s audience.

In my role at Scholastic Book Clubs, I had the opportunity to design highly viewed social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, and X. These posts were designed to resonate with our audience of parents, teachers, and young readers, incorporating eye-catching visuals and compelling copy to promote Scholastic’s educational offerings. By leveraging data-driven insights and staying attuned to the latest social media trends, I was able to create content that consistently captured the attention and engagement of our followers, strengthening Scholastic’s presence on these platforms.

Throughout the decade-plus I worked at Scholastic Book Clubs, I had the privilege of leading the design and development of multiple iterations of the web interface. These periodic updates were essential in keeping the platform at the forefront of digital educational experiences. By continually refining and adapting the interface to accommodate evolving user expectations and tech advancements, we ensured that young readers, educators, and parents had a seamless and enriching experience while exploring Scholastic’s extensive catalog of children’s books and products.

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During my 12-year tenure as a UX/UI designer at Scholastic Book Clubs, I had the privilege of being part of an organization with a profound impact on the world of education and literacy. Working within Scholastic’s dynamic and forward-thinking environment, I was able to hone my design skills and harness them to serve a higher purpose. My role involved creating interfaces that made it easier for young readers and educators to discover, select, and engage with educational materials, promoting literacy and a love for reading among children.

Throughout my time at Scholastic, I worked collaboratively with a talented team of professionals, educators, and content creators. We embarked on various projects, ranging from revamping the user experience of the Scholastic Book Clubs website to designing interactive learning apps for students. The challenges were diverse, but the core mission remained constant: to provide young learners with accessible, engaging, and educational digital experiences. Being a part of Scholastic’s longstanding legacy of promoting literacy and nurturing young minds through innovative design has been a deeply fulfilling and rewarding experience that has shaped both my professional journey and my commitment to the importance of education in our society.

During my 12-year tenure as a UX/UI designer at Scholastic Book Clubs, I contributed to enhancing education and literacy. Working in a dynamic environment, I refined my design skills to create interfaces facilitating easier access to educational materials for young readers and educators. Collaborating with a skilled team, we revamped the website and developed interactive learning apps. Our mission was consistent: to offer engaging digital experiences for young learners. This experience at Scholastic has profoundly shaped my professional journey and reinforced my dedication to education's significance in society.